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nLIGHT Announces BrightLife™ Technology

Vancouver, WA  January 20, 2006 – nLIGHT, the leading manufacturer of high-power semiconductor lasers is featuring its portfolio of diode lasers consisting of single emitters, bars and fiber-coupled packages utilizing its proprietary BrightLife™  laser technology.

nLIGHT’s leading edge BrightLife™ technology combines a high level of performance and reliability. nLight’s technology is based on their proprietary aluminum-free laser structure grown by MOCVD, facet passivation technology and state-of-the-art solder processes. This innovative design collectively results in highly reliable, long lifetime products with world-class performance. nLIGHT’s 808 nm diode lasers have an MTTF in excess of 80,000 hours at room temperature.

With BrightLife™ technology, nLIGHT is offering its customers an opportunity to differentiate themselves in increasingly competitive markets while enabling performance and reducing overall costs.

“BrightLife™ diode lasers are enabling a number of high volume applications as a result of this significant improvement in reliability,” said Joe DeBartolo, nLIGHT VP of Sales and Marketing. “With BrightLife™ lasers, we are following through on our commitment to our customers to deliver leading performance and reliability.”

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